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Italian Umbrella Pine

Looking for a stylish umbrella Pine that will add a touch of luxury to your scene? Don't look anywhere than the Italian umbrella pine, this luscious landscape scene is composed of pinecones and Pine trees, providing a touch of luxury and creating a stylish feel. 8 x10 print for only $10.

Italian Umbrella Pine Ebay

This Italian fresh seed tree is 10 pinus semi Pine umbrella tree, it is further known as the Italian umbrella Pine and is itself from the trees in the forest. The tree is an excellent alternative for people who enjoy green leaves and red limbs, because of its location in the early part of the forest, it as well possible to find it in areas with no other trees. This umbrella Pine tree is from the 1920 s and is manufactured of Italian stone, it is a beautiful tree and a peerless gift for the Italian compatriots who are wanting for a beautiful umbrella Pine tree to give as a gift. The trade card for "italian landscape with umbrella is Pine tree is very interesting and will make a sterling addition to each home or office, this art print is produced with 100% cotton paper and is 18" wide x 24" long. It grants an 9" this garden is in the and offers Italian landscape with umbrella pines and hendrik, metal painting plate.