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Umbrella Armory

The umbrella Armory lvoa-s airsoft aeg offers an amazing piece of design with its elaborate airsoft design and umbrella-like armory, this gun is built with high quality in both design and construction, and offers an outstanding opportunity to get your hands on an amazing airsoft weapon today.

Umbrella Armory Krytac

The umbrella Armory lvoa-s airsoft aeg offers an impressive line of features for the price of it, it gives an automatic fire control system, an automatic main armament system, and a high-quality construction. The umbrella Armory is a must have for any arctic equipped with aegs, this armor-polarized umbrellas have decently heavy armor and a wide area of protection. It provides excellent cover and is top for holding off against charging unit opponents, this umbrella Armory spr mk2 is an 2 piece action umbrella Armory spr mk2. This presents a black anodized aluminum body and a black anodized aluminum control panel, the renders a black anodized aluminum front sight and a black anodized aluminum back sight. The offers black anodized aluminum gas keycap and black anodized aluminum keycap, this also offers black anodized aluminum magazine, black anodized aluminum confiscation keycap, and black anodized aluminum keycap. The umbrella Armory spr dmr, 3 is our latest and most powerful aeg rifle. It features a sturdy build, high quality parts and high performance, this gun is exquisite for any airsoft fandom.