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Wheelchair Umbrella Clamp

The Wheelchair umbrella Clamp offers a sturdy hold for clamps, the clamps are adjustable to suit any clothesline style chair. The clamps can be used to attach the caption "wheelchair" or other figure of speech to the chalet or flat on the ground, the clamps are also unrivaled for wheelchairs.

Supporter Connector Holder Pipe Bar Attachment Clamp/wheelchair Scooter

Umbrella Supporter Connector Holder Pipe

By Unbranded/Generic


With Clamp Also For:camping Chair Stroller Wagon
With Clamp For Strollers, Wagons, Lawn Chairs Wheelchair
With Clamp For Camping Chair Wheelchair Stroller Wagon

2 Sun Shade 25" Umbrella

By Unbranded


Umbrella Clamps

This is a sturdy, made-to-order umbrella clamps with a simple but efficient purpose, the Clamp renders two clamps and that can clamps together to make a longer clamps, and the clamps are top-of-the-line alternative of protecting your umbrella from being pulled away while you're walking or riding. The clamps also come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the one that best matches your personality, this umbrella holder for Wheelchair users is first-rate for holding umbrellas for access to your favourite service. The sturdy design means that you will be able to keep your Wheelchair safe and secure, the leaked sealant treatment means that you can be sure that your umbrella will stay closed during transport. This Wheelchair umbrella mount is a first rate way to make your life easier! It attaches to the side of a Wheelchair and holds umbrellas securely in place, it's facile to operate and makes life in a Wheelchair faster and easier! This umbrella holder is again beneficial for a Wheelchair or scooter. It is fabricated of durable materials and can take any shape you choose, it is a straightforward and convenient surrogate to keep your umbrella with access to all of your favorite Wheelchair or scooter accessories.